Top Cannabis Strains for Halloween

Cannabis strains with a Halloween theme do exist. Finding them in Arizona, however, is another story. Their spooky names get you in the spirit for All Hollow’s Eve. If there’s a strain on this list that doesn’t become available this year, talk to your local growers and dispensaries about getting them grown for next year.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is one of the cannabis strains for Halloween that you can find in Arizona. It’s super skunky like Sour Diesel. It’s a hard hitting strain that might make you choke if you take too big of a hit.

It’s strong and produces euphoric effects. The buds should be dense and frosty looking. It’ll make you thirsty and your eyes will be dry so having some extra water and eye drops on hand is a good idea.

Ghost Train Haze might be a good strain to look for stress, depression, pain and may uplift your spirit. Anxiety sufferers might want to skip this strain or mix it with a high CBD strain as it can produce anxious effects. In small doses, the anxious feelings may not even bother you.

Jack the Ripper

I’ve only seen Jack the Ripper available once in Arizona, but then again, I don’t visit many dispensaries so I could have missed it. It’s a powerful strain with a complex flavor profile. It tastes like lemon and a little pine with strong spiciness coming through.

Since this is one of the most powerful cannabis strains, microdosing is suggested. It’s considered to be a visually stimulating strain, so something might catch your eye and you’ll find yourself focusing on it.

The effects are intense. The euphoria is intense. Paranoia can set in with this strain, even though it might serve those with anxiety well in small doses. Jack the Ripper is also a great stress and depression buster.

Have a few hits of Jack the Ripper and put on your favorite horror flick.

Zombie OG

What would Halloween be without zombies? This heavy hitting indica leaves serious munchies behind. It’s a good idea to enjoy Zombie OG once you’re home with plenty of candy and party food to eat.

In high doses though, you must be careful. This is a very strong strain that can leave some feeling a little catatonic. Couchlock is inevitable. Make sure you’ve got plenty to drink and eat within arm’s reach because you probably aren’t getting up to answer the door for pizza or make anything to snack on.

Now, if you are sore or have frequent to serious pain and muscle spasms, this is a strain to hunt down. It’s also a good option for those with insomnia.

This is not a daytime strain.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin has been around once or twice in Arizona that I’ve seen. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it but it’s one of the cannabis strains for Halloween that I would absolutely be interested in trying.

It is a sativa with typically high THC concentrations. You’ll get intense munchies and everything might be funny. This might be a great strain to try before going to haunted houses – especially if they usually scare you. You’ll laugh at the monsters, ghosts and goblins instead of screaming in terror.

Black Widow

Black Widow you might just find in Arizona. I’ve seen it several times on dispensary menus when it hasn’t been time for Halloween. It’s a strain that doesn’t produce any real spooky effects but the name fits the occasion. Depending on the strength of the genetics, it can be a little more mellow or a little more relaxing.

It’s a great strain for microdosing with friends during a Halloween movie marathon.

Other Cannabis Strains for Halloween to put on your Radar:

  • Frankenstein – very, very rare
  • White Widow
  • Voodoo
  • Zombie Kush
  • Death by Cake OG
  • Jock Horror
  • The Blood
  • Killer Queen – makes rare appearances in the AZ cannabis market
  • Durban Poison – common in Arizona

A Few Words before We Go

We hope that you can find at least one of these strains in Arizona this Halloween. You might be surprised. We never know what we’ll find on a dispensary menu. You can use a source like Leafly to search for strains near you to see if any of the cannabis strains for Halloween are on any local dispensary menus.

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