Cannabis Before or After a Haunted House?

Tis the season for haunted houses, ghosts, ghouls and zombies. If you’re an avid haunted house enthusiast you’re probably making plans with your friends to visit as many as you can this weekend. You’re probably deciding your route so that you can make it to more than one a night. But the questions remains – do you use cannabis before or after?

Cannabis Before a Haunted House

Just the thought of being in a crowded space with a bunch of strangers might give some of you anxiety. Being away from home might also induce some anxiety. So, should you smoke beforehand? Maybe.

Here’s why I say maybe. If you’re someone that has a heart condition or scares easily – using cannabis beforehand might not be the best idea. If you’ve not researched the effects of the strain, the last thing you need is paranoia or anxiety on top of the experience of the haunted house. Sure, they’re supposed to be scary, but the idea is not to have a heart attack when you’re just out to have some fun.

If you need to be cool, calm and collected before going into a haunted house – use a light indica or CBD. CBD won’t make you high at all, but it might help you keep your cool.

If you’re an edibles user, the last thing you might want is for those effects to kick in full force right before you go inside.

Here’s something else to think about – the intensity of your high. Certain situations and atmospheres can change your experience just as it can when you drink alcohol. You might smoke alone at home and use the same strain with friends and find that your experience is completely different. Stimulation can change the effects that you feel.

Of course, being stoned at a haunted house is a blast, but it can also be dangerous for the reasons mentioned above. If you’re just a recreational user that enjoys experiencing things while elevated – go for it. If you’re a medical user that might need the cannabinoids to help you stay upright, walk or remain calm – microdose for the first haunted house you go to.


If you’re set on using cannabis before going into a haunted house, we’ve got a few tips for you. First and foremost – don’t use a strain you’ve never used before and then walk into a haunted house. Also, don’t use a new cannabis delivery method even if it is a familiar strain. Effects can vary from delivery method to delivery method. Concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes that are available to your body are different – some delivery methods use concentrates which are more potent.

Remember that cannabis use heightens your senses. You might sense things looking at you – they probably are it’s a haunted house after all. Your heart might race a little – make sure it’s not a medical condition, but again – comes with the territory of the situation. You might not be able to focus if you’re too high – it can happen. Or, you might be so high that you just stare at things trying to look at every detail and hold up the line – then, all of the sudden, a guy with a chainsaw is in your face – it can happen.

zombie at a haunted house

After the Haunted House

Of course you’re probably going to use cannabis after a haunted house. Your adrenaline might be pumping, your anxiety might be up and you might be sore from being on your feet for a while. Just choose the right strain. You want something that’s going to be relaxing but not put you in a comatose because you’ll want to talk about the great time you had.

Have a couple of hits to relax your mind and body. Wait a little bit and then have at it. It’s better if you can slowly bring your body back to normal operating status than to drastically take you from cloud 9 to passing out on the couch.

Have fun, haunted houses are only around for a short time.

Closing Thoughts

Cannabis can make some activities more fun – haunted houses included. As I suggested above, be mindful of the effects of the strain you choose. Also be mindful of your tolerance and understand that the atmosphere of the haunted house might change how the strain acts/reacts in your body. Have fun, be safe and try not to scream too loud!

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