Strongest Cannabis Strains in 2019

If you’re someone with a high tolerance or might want to use less cannabis, you might be looking for strains with higher THC concentrations. Sometimes a higher concentration of THC in a smaller dose does the trick with the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the strain. If you’re a new cannabis user, these strains aren’t suggested for your use just yet. It’s a better approach, for newcomers, to start slow and use lower potency strains.

That being said, always look up the lineage of a strain. It’s important to know what cannabinoids and terpenes the strain has. You also need to know what to expect from the strain, so pay attention to all of the listed expected effects – positive and negative. With these higher potency strains, microdose them first. Take just one or two small hits and wait a while. See how that dose reacts in your body. For some, it still might be too much.

We also suggest not buying large quantities of these higher potency strains if they aren’t something you’ve used before. If you end up with a ½ ounce or ounce of a strain that’s too strong for you or produces effects you’re not comfortable with – it’s a lot of money and medicine wasted.

Note: Genetics and cultivation practices can also play a role in the strength of strains and strain strengths can vary from batch to batch based upon phenotypes, cultivation method and other factors.

These are some of the strongest cannabis strains in 2019.


Do-Si-Do is a strain that has graced several Arizona dispensary menus recently. It’s also become quite popular with the medical cannabis community here. On average, this strain tests between 23% and 30% THC.

Many like it because of its parents – GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and Face Off OG). It has a pleasant flavor and aroma that mixes citrusy lime and sweet blueberries with a little earthiness in the background.

The phenotype can vary slightly, but this hybrid tends to lean on the indica dominant side most of the time.

Gorilla Glue

There are several variations of gorilla glue. One of the most popular versions in Arizona is Gorilla Glue #4. When it comes to the original Gorilla Glue, it often averages 25% – 30% THC. There is a small amount of CBD in this strain too, but really not much at all – maybe 0.1% at the most.

It has a very complex flavor and aroma – for some it’s off-putting. There are hints of coffee, pine, chocolate and the earth with a surprising bit of pungent flavor and aroma in there too. This is due to its varied lineage including Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel.

This strain can also make you very, very hungry and you might feel like you’ve got a mouth full of cotton balls. It’s a good idea to have some hard candy on hand to keep your mouth from feeling dry and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Get snacks ready ahead of time because a hit or two too many might leave you couchlocked.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana isn’t a strain you’ll see in Arizona often. You will see something like it on dispensary menus though. It’s a blend of Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush. It has a sweet, fruity smell and aroma.

It has a mind blowing average THC concentration of 31.62% so it is not for the novice user. The effects can come on strong. They can be overwhelming. If you do come across this strain and it has a similar THC concentration – do the 1 hit test, even if you’ve used cannabis for several years. See how the effects present themselves in your body before proceeding with using more.


Chemdawg makes frequent appearances on Arizona dispensary menus. Since not all dispensaries and cultivators test, you don’t always know what the THC concentration of a strain is – but when grown properly using a strong parent plant, the average THC concentration can reach 32.13%.

Chemdawg tends to promote creativity and is popular with those working in a creative field. If you’re using this strain with a group of friends, you might just come up with ideas for a great invention or business.

Godfather OG

If this strain ever becomes available in Arizona – run, don’t walk, to the dispensary. It’s a one-hitter quitter with a whopping 34% average THC concentration. It is not for the new user at all. Only the experienced, seasoned user should even attempt using this strain – and even then, one hit and wait.

It’s a cross between OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Granddaddy Purple. The effects you might expect include full body euphoria, couchlock and, in bigger doses, a potentially catatonic response where you just can’t move anything at all. This is why we are stressing, if you do find this strain, seriously – only take one hit!

Closing Words

If you do come across these strains or have had them in similar THC concentrations to those mentioned here, please share your experience with us. While your experience is likely to be different from someone else’s, what you experienced might help someone else. You might experience and effect that they want to, or if you’re a seasoned cannabis user and the strain was overwhelming, this is good information for someone else.


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