Arizona College Expels Student for Medical Cannabis

Students who have been issued a medical marijuana card for specific conditions may begin facing penalties on their college campuses.

Since most colleges are federally funded, they must also follow federal law. And, currently, the law writes that cannabis is both recreationally and medicinally illegal.

This dilemma has been seen across numerous states where cannabis has found legalization. Some students have even taken their colleges to court. But due to the necessity for federal funding, most college officials say they will maintain federal law. Despite each particular case of these students.

The bulk of these legal complications are produced from students who study nursing or other medical practices. The majority of schools have a policy that subjects these students to drug testing.

Sheida Assar is one of these students who tested positive for marijuana. She holds an Arizona medicinal card and uses cannabis to treat chronic pain from polycystic ovary syndrome.

She was expelled from studying diagnostic medical sonography at GateWay Community College in Phoenix. last month on the grounds of this positive test.

They yanked me out of class in the middle of a school day. They escorted me to the administration like I was a criminal. It’s discrimination, and it violates my rights under the Arizona medical marijuana law.

Sheida Assar

Unlike many college students, Assar took precautions when it came to her medical use. She approached an instructor and asked whether or not her cannabis testing would cause any complications. The instructor assured her it wouldn’t as long as she could show her Arizona medical marijuana card.

Assar is currently filing a lawsuit to win back her $2,000 spent on tuition, other educational expenses, and further money for the complication caused by the school. Her lawyer has been in touch with the school and is working out the situation.

Christine Lambrakis, a GateWay spokeswoman, claims the school will continue to enforce its federal rules concerning marijuana.

Last year, the Arizona Supreme Court reversed a 2012 state law that criminalized those who were in possession of and used marijuana on campus. Lambrakis told reporters the school is currently reviewing this policy and, until that review is complete, will continue enforcing rules against marijuana use on college campus.

Whenever states legalize cannabis, it’s only natural they run into complications on a federal level. This is why many people are pushing for a 2020 presidential candidate who’s willing to federally legalize cannabis and end these state-to-federal conflicts.

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