U.S. Court of Appeals Tosses Arizona Doctor’s Lawsuit Against DEA for Medical Marijuana Research

Dr. Sue Sisley is an Arizona-based doctor who’s research discovered how medical marijuana can help people with PTSD. This was a first of its kind and Sue wanted to continue her cannabis research in other areas of health.

However, she’s been denied by the the U.S. Court of Appeals to cultivate marijuana for these research purposes after submitting an application to the DEA. The reason for this discharge was the DEA had stalled on approving new marijuana growers for medical research.

Dr. Sisley isn’t the only one experiencing this issue. In fact, a number of doctors across the country are trying to get a license to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes. But the DEA has only approved of one facility, the University of Mississippi.

As of this time, they are the only ones allowed to supply researchers medical cannabis for federal research purposes. This comes with great consequences as it inhibits the variety and quality of the cannabis being researched.

Cannabis is unique in the sense that it will yield in different terpenes depending on where it’s grown. For example, cannabis grown in humid locations will not have the same terpenes as those grown indoors or in a dry location. Terpenes are one of the biggest indicators as to how the plant can medically benefit us.

For this reason, doctors such as Sisley would like to see cannabis for medical research being grown from other suppliers. However, as of this time, none have been approved by the FDA.

The unfortunate truth is, due to prohibition, cannabis hasn’t gotten the medical research it deserves. And though little research has been procured, it’s come with big results.

Results that have the opportunity to change and possibly save lives.

As the DEA continues to prohibit further cannabis research, we as a community are less likely to discover natural treatment for a variety of conditions.

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