Keeping Calm with Cannabis During the Holidays

Not everyone looks forward to the holidays. For some, it’s a sad reminder of loved ones lost. For others, it’s a stressful time that triggers anxiety, PTSD and depression. There are many, though, that absolutely love the holidays. When you struggle to get through them, a little cannabis might help.

When to Medicate

When is the right time to use cannabis during the holiday season? The answer is easy – whenever you need to. Almost everyone experiences at least a little stress during the holidays – cannabis is a means of stress management. Does Christmas music on the radio make your blood boil or give you anxiety? You’re not alone – change the station, put on your personal playlist and take a couple of hits or have a serving of an edible, take a dab – whatever your preferred method of medicating is – use it.

Medicate before you’re going to be in a stressful or uncomfortable situation. Microdose so that you can still participate in conversations. If you have non-cannabis friendly friends or family — keep the Visine handy and again, microdose.

Sometimes just using a little bit of cannabis just to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other symptoms works better. After all, you don’t want anyone ruining your high.

What Products to Use

If you’ll be with non-cannabis using friends or family, consider vape. Make sure you’re buying your vape from a state-licensed dispensary. Vaping doesn’t give away that you’re using cannabis.

You could also try edibles if you’re comfortable with them. Remember, bioavailability matters.

There are also capsules, dabs and inhalers that you can try. Tinctures are another great option and work fast.

If you don’t have to worry about what people think (the stigma surrounding cannabis use is still strong and many still view it as negative behavior), then by all means – take your flower. Take a party bowl and share. It might make the entire experience better for everyone and there might not be any fighting at this gathering.

Medicating for Public Holiday Events

Some people get anxiety just thinking about having to go in public during the holidays. Stores are more crowded. People are grouchier. It isn’t fun. Even grocery stores are busier.

If you absolutely must attend a holiday event, consider a long-lasting cannabis option like a capsule or edible. Take your vape along in case you need a little extra while you’re away from home. The effects of edibles and capsules can last up to 8 hours depending on the dose and your body’s chemistry.

Do not drive yourself to these events if you have to medicate beforehand. You can get a cannabis DUI and that just isn’t something anyone wants to have to deal with at any time. Make arrangements to ride with someone or use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft.

If your Family/Friends Bring up your Cannabis Use

Chances are that you’ll be asked about your cannabis use. Being defensive is not the right way to answer those questions. Be honest, without being angry or rude or argumentative. Keep calm and explain why you choose cannabis over pills, alcohol or street drugs.

Sometimes if you just have a conversation with someone about why you use cannabis and how it’s helped you better than other options, they understand. It wasn’t something that was accepted in my family, but then I explained what I went through on prescribed medication and how much better my life is now – they get it and now accept my choice of medicine.

Closing Thoughts

Should you medicate through the holiday season? Absolutely. You will probably handle situations better, might laugh a little bit and might even get along with family members you don’t usually see eye-to-eye with. Be responsible, have fun and do your best to get through the things you dread the most during the holiday season with a little cannabis.

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