Is Pre-Ordering the Way to Go When you Need Cannabis?

Most dispensaries in Arizona offer pre-order service. Is this the way to go? Sure, if you don’t need or want to see what you’re buying beforehand. While labels should include a package date, not all do. So, you might not know how long your chosen product has been in its package.

Advantages of Shopping On-Site and Dispensaries

Deli-style dispensaries are few and far between in Arizona these days, which is unfortunate. But, that really is the best way to go. Your flower is weight and the trimming is touched up in front of you. You don’t have to worry about your flower not being at the right weight.

When you go in and wait your turn it gives you the opportunity to see and smell flower. You can also see what a different cannabis product looks like before you buy it.

Advantages of Pre-Ordering

Are there really advantages of pre-ordering? Well, for those that don’t have time to sit in a busy dispensary waiting to go to the sales floor, pre-ordering might be a good option. Sometimes your bags are already sealed, so you don’t get to even take a quick sniff or view of your flower or other products until you’ve paid and left the building. This isn’t always the best idea – once you leave, most dispensaries won’t take product back unless there’s something wrong with it. If you don’t like it, you’re stuck with it.

If you aren’t particular and don’t have an aroma/flavor preference, pre-ordering might work for you.

More Dispensaries are Pre-Packaging

As we said above, there are very few deli-style dispensaries left in the state. It’s quite unfortunate. It seems that the industry in Arizona has shifted to the “let’s see how many patients we can move through the doors today” attitude. Sure, pre-packaging cuts down time – but cannabis flower loses moisture the longer it’s off the plant – so if something weighed 3.5 grams on Monday, it might not weigh 3.5 grams on Friday.

If you do order a pre-packaged item, ask for it to be weighed in front of you before you pay for it. Hopefully it’s in packaging that isn’t sealed. Those vacuum-packed bags, however, are typically sealed, so weighing it would only be beneficial if the package weighed slightly more than the amount that you ordered.

Disadvantages of Pre-Ordering

Pre-ordering doesn’t always work out. Dispensaries in Arizona aren’t that great at being on top of updating their menus. So, you might be used to placing a pre-order and then getting an email, text or phone call that your item isn’t available. Then, you’ve got to go and look at the menu again and see what else they have that might work for you. It’s a pain.

As we mentioned, your bag might already be closed up since some dispensaries do staple or close bags before you get there – you might be in a hurry and don’t get the chance to see and smell your flower. What do you do if it smells and/or looks awful? You’re stuck with it. At that point, you might be able to improve the flavor by sticking a couple of small pieces of citrus peel in the container.

Closing Thoughts

Is pre-ordering better? For some it works out great. For others, performing the visual and sniff tests is a must, so pre-ordering isn’t an option. It’s also important to read ingredient lists and potencies of non-flower products – which is best done if you take the few minutes to shop on the dispensary floor.

What’s my preference? Deli-style and shopping on the floor, waiting my turn. While it isn’t always an option, it’s another way for me to determine if there is mold in the flower. I am quite allergic to mold, so if there’s an unsafe amount or an amount that will trigger my allergies since testing isn’t required until November 2020 here. It might mean I’m at a dispensary longer, but it’s what I prefer.

What is your preferred method?

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