What to Get your CannaFriends for Christmas

What’s the best gift for your cannabis-using friends for Christmas? You might automatically think to head to the dispensary and use some of your allotment to get them some flower, edibles or vape. But, not everyone has extra on their allotment to do that – and sometimes it might get you in trouble (like if your friend doesn’t have a card). There are some other great gift ideas for your cannafriends – we’ve got a few ideas.


If you’ve ever heard your friends say that they can’t find their bowl, or they lost their bong stem or they’re out of wraps – that’s exactly what you should get them for Christmas. Don’t forget a pack of lighters. Lighters can easily be lost, pocketed or used up quickly. They’re always a welcome gift.

How do you pick out a piece for someone else? Not all cannabis users are particular about their accessories, but some need their piece to be a certain design so it’s comfortable in their hands. When you’ve hanging out – pay attention to the accessories they seem to use the most. Pay attention to the design and the weight. This will be helpful information when you head out to get them a brand new piece.

If you’re planning to get them dab or bong accessories, follow the same strategy – just pay attention to what they use and what they seem to prefer. When a cannafriend notices that you’ve paid attention, it makes the gift even more awesome.


While we can’t necessarily say that a majority of cannabis strains endue the munchies, a lot of them do. Gifting snacks isn’t being cheap – it’s preventing your friend from driving stoned. It’s keeping them safe and it’s forward thinking.

Try an assortment of sweet, salty, savory and just a little bit of junk food. The idea is for the snacks to be healthier but not taste healthy. This might mean that you make them homemade snacks that you can control the ingredients of. It might mean that you’re going for the dried fruit instead of fruit flavored candy. Trail mix is great because you can hit all of their taste buds in just one snack. Feel free to make your own trail mix for them with their favorite things.

Gift Cards

Your cannafriends might not always have the money to order food to have delivered, so consider gift cards for restaurants that offer delivery or places that are partnered with food delivery services like Door Dash and Uber Eats. The idea again is to keep them at home and off of the roads after they’ve used their cannabis. While some people drive just fine after medicating – not everyone does. You don’t want your friend to get a cannabis DUI just because they have the munchies.

A Flower Tray

Why do your cannafriends need a flower tray? It keeps the ground up cannabis from getting all over the table. It’s much easier to keep it contained. Find a local crafter and have a custom one made for them. Personalized cannagifts are often the best because you’ve thought only of them, what makes them happy and what they need to make their cannabis using experiences a little easier.

Before We Go

If you have the cash and the extra on your allotment, go ahead and get them a gram or two, a pre-roll or something they really love from their favorite dispensary. If you’ve got a “dank broke” cannafriend, maybe just stopping over and smoking with them will be enough. The holidays aren’t happy for everyone and if you have a cannafriend that struggles through them – some good cannabis and good company might be just what they need to make it through the day.

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