About Us

Hello Let Us Be Blunt Community!

We welcome you to a new cannabis community group that focuses on the cannabis industry in Arizona. Our website is driving force for cannabis information where you’ll be provided with cannabis education surrounding health, culture, and news from around the world.

Let Us Be Blunt is more than just another publication. This is YOUR page. Think of it as social media meets print. We’ll share stories, have discussions, and welcome everyone’s opinion. In the near future, we plan to also release a free magazine for the public.

As a cannabis user, advocate, and/or supporter, you will have the ability to input what YOU want to see in this group. What questions do you have surrounding cannabis? What kind of stories would you like to read?

Each week, we will feature a story of a member of the cannabis community on our front page. These members will be chosen by you and give you the opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

Our goal is to be more than just another cannabis magazine in circulation. Let Us Be Blunt is a community, driven by you for you. Your opinion matters to us and we want to hear it. This is a no-judgement, open discussion board where you have the freedom to let your voice be heard.

Under our Knowledge4Lyfe section we will also be bringing you exciting new products for you to buy. Coming soon we will be offering your own Virtual Receptionist – Voice & Messaging. There will be three plans to choose from great for small businesses and individuals who need a receptionist without the high cost.