10 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Use Medical Cannabis

Research has shown more and more ways in which cannabis can be used as a medical benefit. This is particularly true for senior citizens, who tend to struggle with more health complications than the rest of the population.

Charlotte Figi – A Medical Cannabis Story

An open discussion is absolutely necessary for changing perspective. And for that reason, we’re going to take a look at a cannabis story that has had life-changing effects on a little girl named Charlotte Figi.

This Week in Arizona Cannabis New (11/29/2019)

Due to the holiday season, it was a slower week for cannabis in Arizona. Though there were no strides made in legal cannabis, there has been some changes made to the medical industry.

This Week in Arizona Cannabis News (11/22/2019)

This past week, a federal bill to legalize cannabis nationwide has just past the house panel. A first in the history of the congressional committee. And though this is definitely news to take a toke to, the bill has a long way to go before the entire country can take that legal toke. So, in…

Canadian Company Buys Out Arizona Dispensary

This past Monday, Nabis Holdings Inc., a Canadian investment company who’s sought out multiple assets within the cannabis industry, has just purchased 100% acquisition of a number of Arizona cannabis brands/companies, including: Arizona-based Emerald Phoenix (medical marijuana dispensary) Infusion Edibles (cannabis-infused edibles brand) Management at Nabis Holdings Inc. expects this investment to bring in approximately…

Arizona College Expels Student for Medical Cannabis

Students who have been issued a medical marijuana card for specific conditions may begin facing penalties on their college campuses. Since most colleges are federally funded, they must also follow federal law. And, currently, the law writes that cannabis is both recreationally and medicinally illegal. This dilemma has been seen across numerous states where cannabis…

What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

Have you heard the term “terpene” be tossed around, but aren’t quite sure what it means? Learn everything you need to know about cannabis terpenes.

A New Initiative for Cannabis Legalization in Arizona

Cannabis legalization seems so inevitable, two factions of Arizona’s pro-recreational cannabis community are already butting heads. The Arizona Dispensary Association (ADA) currently has control over the legalized medical industry. All cannabis companies that grow and operate within Arizona have to go through them. However, a new group has recently arisen who finds their plans for…