Cannabis Before or After a Haunted House?

Tis the season for haunted houses, ghosts, ghouls and zombies. If you’re an avid haunted house enthusiast you’re probably making plans with your friends to visit as many as you can this weekend. You’re probably deciding your route so that you can make it to more than one a night. But the questions remains –…

Concentrates and Allotments in Arizona – The Confusion Continues

You’ve probably seen people talking about cannabis concentrates and patient allotments in Arizona in recent months. It’s been a hot topic – a confusing topic. The state still hasn’t decided how it’s going to calculate concentrates in patient allotments. Much of the conflict stemmed from an Arizona Supreme Court decision amid the popular, and controversial,…

Top Cannabis Strains for Halloween

Cannabis strains with a Halloween theme do exist. Finding them in Arizona, however, is another story. Their spooky names get you in the spirit for All Hollow’s Eve. If there’s a strain on this list that doesn’t become available this year, talk to your local growers and dispensaries about getting them grown for next year….

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Strain for Your Needs

You might think that just choosing a sativa or indica or hybrid is the way to go. There is a lot more to using cannabis than just picking a general type. Strains have varying concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. The terpene and cannabinoid combinations also vary. This is why effects, flavors and aromas all vary….

Upcoming Cannabis Events in Arizona

Most cannabis events in Arizona require that you have a medical cannabis card. There are events and places you can go that don’t require a card. Here are a few of the events coming up in the near future. 1st Annual Cannafest The first annual Cannafest is being held at DOMMlife on Saturday, October 12….

What to do if You’re Pulled Over with Cannabis in Your Car

Whether you have your medical cannabis card or not, being pulled over by the police with cannabis in your car might leave you feeling panicked. It’s uncomfortable. You’re wondering, ‘Am I going to jail?” First and foremost, stay calm. The jitterier you are when the officer comes to your window, the more suspicious it looks….

What to Do if You Get Too High

Have you ever been too high? Sure, it can be fun every now and then, but it isn’t a “fun” experience for everyone. Thankfully there are a few things that you can do should you over-indulge and get too high. If you’re new to cannabis, this is pretty easy to do since you probably don’t…

Sarah’s Story – My Cannabis Journey

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Sarah, your friendly Let Us Be Blunt admin and writer. Today I’m sharing my cannabis journey with all of you in hopes that it will encourage you to share your story too. Everyone has a story – whether you use cannabis for a medical reason or socially, you still…