How to Choose the Right Cannabis Strain for Your Needs

You might think that just choosing a sativa or indica or hybrid is the way to go. There is a lot more to using cannabis than just picking a general type. Strains have varying concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. The terpene and cannabinoid combinations also vary. This is why effects, flavors and aromas all vary….

Top 11 Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Every year, more and more states are legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use. And as they do, they’re also procuring a job market. Recent statistics have found that cannabis was a strong industry in and is projected to only continue to grow. In 2018 alone, more than 60,000 positions were filled – nearly…

What to do if You’re Pulled Over with Cannabis in Your Car

Whether you have your medical cannabis card or not, being pulled over by the police with cannabis in your car might leave you feeling panicked. It’s uncomfortable. You’re wondering, ‘Am I going to jail?” First and foremost, stay calm. The jitterier you are when the officer comes to your window, the more suspicious it looks….

What to Do if You Get Too High

Have you ever been too high? Sure, it can be fun every now and then, but it isn’t a “fun” experience for everyone. Thankfully there are a few things that you can do should you over-indulge and get too high. If you’re new to cannabis, this is pretty easy to do since you probably don’t…

What is CBD?

CBD 101: A guide to everything you need to know about CBD and its health benefits.