This Week in Arizona Cannabis New (11/29/2019)

Due to the holiday season, it was a slower week for cannabis in Arizona. Though there were no strides made in legal cannabis, there has been some changes made to the medical industry.

A New Initiative for Cannabis Legalization in Arizona

Cannabis legalization seems so inevitable, two factions of Arizona’s pro-recreational cannabis community are already butting heads. The Arizona Dispensary Association (ADA) currently has control over the legalized medical industry. All cannabis companies that grow and operate within Arizona have to go through them. However, a new group has recently arisen who finds their plans for…

Concentrates and Allotments in Arizona – The Confusion Continues

You’ve probably seen people talking about cannabis concentrates and patient allotments in Arizona in recent months. It’s been a hot topic – a confusing topic. The state still hasn’t decided how it’s going to calculate concentrates in patient allotments. Much of the conflict stemmed from an Arizona Supreme Court decision amid the popular, and controversial,…

What to do if You’re Pulled Over with Cannabis in Your Car

Whether you have your medical cannabis card or not, being pulled over by the police with cannabis in your car might leave you feeling panicked. It’s uncomfortable. You’re wondering, ‘Am I going to jail?” First and foremost, stay calm. The jitterier you are when the officer comes to your window, the more suspicious it looks….